Every great organization has at its core an intangible “something” that provides its strength and abilities to positively affect its members, it’s community, and it’s profession.  IIDA Georgia Chapter volunteers make up our board, committees, partners, forums, and all other key positions within our organization.

Through the selfless and committed contributions of time, talents, experience, and professionalism, members who participate in our mission and our vision for the present and future of Interior Design benefit all chapter members. Direct participation in the governance and operation of the chapter provides members with a wide range of opportunities to build on personal and professional skills and to directly affect the interests and successes of the chapter.

Due to the current economy and job market many of our members are being “under utilized” and may be seeking outlets for their considerable skills and experience.  Our chapter is always in need of dedicated members to assist in day to day operation of the chapter as well as on special committees, events, mentoring, fundraising and much more. We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from in order to accommodate your interests and availability:

o        On call for simple tasks
o        Serve on a forum committee          
o        Serve on an event committee
o        Write or contribute for the newsletter (charette) or website
o        Man the IIDA Office at ADAC West
o        Mentoring, Jurying, Portfolio review at schools

Thank you for your interest in the IIDA Georgia Chapter.  Please contact our Chapter Secretary for more information.