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2019 is our 7th year in Atlanta!

In our industry, we find ourselves creating a lot of waste from expired or unused materials collected in our finish libraries that typically end up in the landfill.  So we asked, why not repurpose, or upcycle, these materials back into our community? Once unwanted materials can have a new life as free-source materials for educators and non-profit associations, or be transformed into works of art by artists and crafters.

For the seventh year, IIDA Georgia partnered with Wilsonart to bring the ZeroLandfill event to Atlanta. In 2019, our event will take place over two weekends in August. This years dates are as follow: August 16th, 17th, 23rd, and 24th.

Interested in volunteering? We will need lots of helpers on both Fridays and Saturdays!

Questions? Email zerolandfillatl@iidageorgia.org

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2019 The Ultimate - Best of the Best

Gensler | Fitzco / Momentum / Weber Shandwick

Three separate buildings pieced together, the revamped interior of a former slaughterhouse is now a multifaceted workplace for three advertising agencies – Fitzco, Momentum, and Weber Shandwick – who came together in one unique space.

In the heart of Atlanta's Stockyards district, the project harmonizes the city's industrial heritage and creative-class leanings. The challenge was to create a multifaceted workplace for three advertising agencies who came together in one unique space - a former slaughterhouse located along the railroad lines. This was an opportunity to rethink the relationship between environment and activity. All three companies are part of a marketing solutions giant and their new home is the first time everyone shares the same space. As they merge under one roof, the need for a smart, efficient layout was paramount. The design team worked with the agencies to create a co-location solution that would increase innovation and opportunities for new synergy without losing the individuality of each.



2019 Designer of the Year

Lindsay Kious | tvsdesign

Lindsey has been described by her peers as someone who ‘engages consultants, clients and other designers in her process’. She asks insightful questions, demonstrates a dedication to excellence, and offers a helping hand beyond what is required. Her designs demonstrate her ability to elevate the human experience. She embodies leadership, collaboration, curiosity, and vision.



2019 Best of Student Work

The IIDA Georgia Student Scholarship Design Competition recognizes and honors the design excellence that IIDA Student Members bring forth to the profession of interior design. Furthermore, the Student Scholarship Design Competition pays homage to the various visual and written skills that students have acquired while in academia that will allow them to be better prepared to be future interior design professionals.

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Interested in Licensure, Registration, and/or Certification of Interior Designer.  

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