February is IIDA GA's Facilities Forum month. To help provide information to our members regarding this forum, we would like to share a White Paper: Conducting a Facility Appearance Audit.

This white paper explains the importance of conducting Appearance Audits in buildings. Business owners, Property managers, etc only have one shot at first impressions, and an inferior interior can harm the brand and customer experience. This article also includes a checklist of 23 of the top issues to look for when conducting an audit.  

Highlights from the White Paper:

“View your facility through the eyes of a newcomer”

Tour your facility with the eyes of a guest, you will notice dozens of issues.

“You need to view your facility in a 3D “sphere”

Use “spherical vision” and be sure to look the facility up, down and all around.

“New can get old really fast”

Value engineering interior protection products out of a new construction or major renovation budget can be a problem long-term.

“Account for Opportunity Costs”

Protecting interiors reduces the need for constants repairs and frees up staff for bigger, more impactful projects.

Information provided by Danika Walker, Facilities Forum Rep, 2017-18