Everywhere you turn, a new development, restaurant, coffee shop or store is opening with a minimalist design style. This focus on space, simplicity and beautiful typography is refreshing. And it’s a great option for a number of design projects.

Modern architecture emerged in the first half of the 20th century from revolutions in technology, engineering and building materials, and from a desire to break away from historical architectural styles.

Minimalist design can be identified by a framework that is simple in nature. Only necessary elements for functionality are included in the design. The revolution in materials came first, with the use of cast iron, plate glass, and reinforced concrete, to build structures that were stronger, lighter and taller.  Some of the most well-known architects that helped develop this movement were Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, just to name a few. The modernist approach has filtered into the interiors as well.  Modern interior design has been popular in homes, offices and public spaces for decades. While not suitable for everyone's tastes, modern design can be a strong selling point for a home, with buyers likely to appreciate the clean lines and simplicity that help define modern design as a major aesthetic style.  Modern design uses geometric shapes with strong unbroken lines. It is highly influenced by forms and massing.

Visit Atlanta Design Festival

Atlanta Design Festival presents newsworthy trends in cutting-edge architecture and design, modernity, sustainability, social responsibility, and contemporary culture at an elevated level happening all around Atlanta.

Activities run over 9 days with many unique events such as presentations, talks, films, exhibitions, installations and more. It all takes place in between May 26—June 3, 2018 and is the Southeast’s highly regarded activity exclusively about promoting bold contemporary and international design.

Modern interiors and architecture is just really starting to take off in the south and more specifically to Atlanta.  A modern space tends to follow a strict format of balance, clean lines, and minimal decor. This is probably a good reason why it is has taken longer to be received in the south.  As a near native to Colorado, I am just now seeing a rise in the modernist community and movement here in the south. It’s been around in the commercial architecture sector but is starting to show its face more and more in the residential sector.  As a designer that focuses on modern design in both my commercial and residential jobs, this is incredibly encouraging to see more forward movement and excitement over this invigorating aesthetic. Driving around Atlanta proper and even out into the suburbs you will come across the adulating boxes with mixed materials of possibly stucco, steel, cedar planks and lots of glazing poking out between Georgia brick plantations and it’s so refreshing!  The modern movement can be intimidating and confusing if you aren’t used to seeing this type of work.

This modern appeal can come in many different approaches - It can be a combination of historical framework with modern flare, boho modern, mid-century modern, or ultra-modern with sleek lines from the inside out.  Also, don’t believe those myths that the word modern means cold and uninviting. Modern can be warm, inviting, cozy and full of softness.

One of the best places to get a taste of this modern movement locally is through the Atlanta Design Festival modern home tour.  It is organized by MA! Design is Human and is an amazing way to see, touch, feel and walk through homes, commercial offices spaces, showrooms and more.  

You can fully experience different approaches to the modern movement around the Atlanta and greater Atlanta area. They even have a satellite tour in Ashville, NC.  The tour runs 5/25-6/3 and you can purchase tickets online here or go to:  https://atlantadesignfestival.net/festival/tours/   it’s a great way to spend a weekend, see creative work and broaden all those senses and get your mind thinking outside the box.  I highly recommend it!

Courtesy of Mallori Hamilton, Residential Forums Leard 2017-18