Sustainable design and architecture are continuing to thrive in Atlanta!  This month IIDA Georgia highlights a wonderful project that stood out as a unique and viable addition to our community. The amazing designers and architects at HLG Studio have already received LEED Platinum and are working to receive WELL certification for this project. 

By prioritizing a WELL certification,  it provides the opportunity to stand at the forefront of innovation in the sustainable and healthy building movement.  Adding more focus on occupant health guides resources towards reducing the largest budget line item in the long-term costs of a building – the personnel. Now, that’s a good return on your investment!  There are currently 235 WELL-registered projects in the U.S., with California developers being the most responsive to the program.  WELL certification is a lengthy process which has resulted in approximately 32 certified buildings in 11 states. IIDA Georgia wishes you the best of luck as you work to receive WELL certification for your Atlanta based project!

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Confidential General Contractor

The challenge was to create a space that supports their unique departmental work flow and the clients’ commitment to their employees' health and well-being, while highlighting their culture in the workplace experience through the integration of art, design and technology.

 The result is a plan layout that encourages flexibility and movement within the space across different departments.  Sloped ceilings helped bounce light into the space while encouraging employees to use huddle tables at the building perimeter.  Two communicating stairs encourage employees to gather at the central commons area.  A variety of seating types are distributed throughout to support different work styles and social interactions.  Views were maximized to take advantage of the unique building location and the diversity of both natural landscapes and sculpted cityscapes. 

The unified integration of technology, demonstrates the design teams technical knowledge and empathy towards end users.  To showcase their capabilities as a construction company, great thought went into the raw, yet refined approach to materiality, detailing and lighting integration.   Prior to construction, no detail was left unchecked.  Art locations were carefully considered early in the design process so that lighting, architectural proportions and color could be coordinated with the art.  The design also incorporates multiple types of custom furniture, including workstations designed to accommodate construction drawings and custom conference room tables designed with integrated technology.  The project received LEED Platinum and is currently under submission for Well Building Certification.  The space creates a healthy environment by welcoming an abundant natural light, healthy snack and drink choices and the use of sit/stand desks among other features. 

 The thoughtful approach to design resulted in a timeless environment that was aligned with the clients’ culture while seamlessly blending art and technology.

 Courtesy of Matt Hayner of HLG Studio